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Coordinating center MaNGO

The Coordinating Center of MaNGO is led by the Ginecology and Oncology Unit of the Mario Negri Institute. The Unit is directed by dr. Roldano Fossati.

Founded in 1963 as a non-profit organisation, the Mario Negri Institute operates in the field of biomedical research with the aim of contributing to defending health and human life. Born in Milan by the will of Mario Negri, philantropist and thanks to Silvio Garattini's initiative, founder and director until June 2018. Since July 2018 the director of the Institute is Giuseppe Remuzzi. Currently the Mario Negri Institute has three major locations (Milano, Bergamo and Ranica) where almost 700 people work.

The relationship with Mario Negri Institute allows MaNGo to take advantage of a large heritage of scientific knowledge and technical skills in every area of biomedical research.

Several researchers among the Mario Negri Institute Directors and Unit Heads, collaborate with MaNGO. Here is a list of some of them.

Valter Torri, head of the Laboratory of Methodology for Clinical Research, Roldano Fossati, head of Ginecology and Oncology Unit and MaNGO's Coordinating Center manager, Elena Biagioli, Translational Research in Gynecological Oncology, Eliana Rulli, head of Methodology for Clinical Research Laboratory, Veronica Giuliano, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs for clinical studies, Luciano Carlucci, Clinical Study Drug Safety, Irene De Simone, Project Management, Davide Poli, Clinical Studies Monitoring, Marlen Llerena Mesa, head of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs for clinical studies, Paola Mosconi, head of Laboratory for the involvement of Citizens in Health, Michela Cinquini, head of Laboratory of Systematic Review and Guidelines production, Oscar Corli, Research in Pain and Palliative Care, Lorenzo Rossi, head of Computer Engineering Center, IT Director.