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Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is the governing body of MaNGO Group. Skills: evaluation of new protocolls, scientific supervision of the annual convention and assembly of members, international relations, in particular with regards to GCIG and ENGOT.




President: dr. Maurizio D'Incalci, Humanitas University, Milano.
Coordinating Center: Dr. Roldano Fossati (Manager), dr. Elena Biagioli, Mario Negri Institute.

Members: Prof. dr. Nicoletta Colombo, Prof. dr. Antonio Ardizzoia, Dr. Alessandra Bologna, Prof. dr. Andrea De Censi, Dr. Annamaria Ferrero, Prof. dr. Angiolo Gadducci, Dr. Dionyssios Katsaros, Prof. dr. Andrea Alberto Lissoni, Dr. Francesco Raspagliesi, Dr. Giulia Tasca, Dr. Germana Tognon, Prof. dr. Paolo Zola.